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  • Automatic fabric inspection machine

  • Automatic fabric inspection machine

  • Automatic fabric inspection machine

  • Automatic fabric inspection machine

  • Automatic fabric inspection machine

Automatic fabric inspection machine

product description

Highly automated intelligent textile inspection equipment


Inspection object: textile

Verifiable representative defects

Broken latitude, Oblique longitude, Broken latitude, wrinkle, breakage, knot, foreign body embedded and other kind of fabric defects

Main function and feature of fabric inspection

  • The robot hand pass fabric through machine automatically to ensure that the whole roll fabric can be inspectioned

    Solve a common traditional cloth inspection machine problem: there is about 1-2meters in the front and back side of fabric cannot be inspected

  • Three high pixel cameras are used to automatically inspected fabric surface defects, ensuring continuity and accuracy of inspection

    Solve the problem of poor manual inspection effect, incomplete data and slow efficiency caused by various artificial and environmental factors such as fatigue and discursive of traditional manual inspection

  • Intelligent defects identification and marking: Sound and light alarm; Automatic saving the defect pictures; Automatic classify defects to ensure the validity of data; Automatic labeling ensure the position accurate

  • The machine works continuously with the fastest speed 40 meters per minute, relazing the high efficiency of inspection. An intelligent fabric inspection machines. Reduce the area of fabric inspection process and cost of labor

  • Independent reserch inspection software, with the exclusive right to use. Software function can be fully customized according to customer requirments 

  • Color difference inspection 

Other feature

  • Complete fabric width defect information statistics: each roll material has its complete defect image, location distribution, defect quantity statistics and other information. 

  • After inspection, the grading system is automatically adopted, according to the international standard four-point system, effectively control the fabric quantity

  • Automatically generate QR code for each roll fabric, improve the flexibility of each roll fabric information, play an imporant role for stage, transportation and other.

  • Can connect with network to upload reports, the management can check the fabric data at any time

  • Use the imported control electrical appliances and control system(PLC)

  • Normal function: Fabric inspection, fabric rolling, measurment, automatic edge alignment

Machine efficiency

Fully intelligent fabric quality defect by camera vision

Inspection efficiency, data accuracy, fabric value maximization, inspection cost minimization

Attached defect statistics system, storage system, etc

Machine value maximization

4people, 400%, 400%, 24months

Labor, Production capacity to be improved, Inspection accuracy to be improved, Cost return cycle

                   Technical specification
Voltage220V, 50Hz
Max. diameter of one roll fabric50cm
Max. fabric working width2100mm
Working speed0-40m/min

Technical indicators

  • Inspection time: single time inspection (Option:double time inspection with 6 cameras )

  • Inspection accuracy: 0.1mm

  • Sampling inspected qualified rate: not less than 90%

  • Defect mark: stop working and stick label (Optional: ink jet mark, no need stop working )

  • Defect recognition tips: automatic sound and light alarm, software record defect location, quantity and size

  • Defect information: record the number of defect meters, horizontal position, image information, etc

  • With product phase positioning detection function, beyond the error range can automatically identify and remove

  • Product defect library can be added

  • With anti-jitter function, the camera system ivision range s larger than the material size.