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  • Fabric Shrinking And Inspection Machine

  • Fabric Shrinking And Inspection Machine

Fabric Shrinking And Inspection Machine

product description

Fabric Shrinking Machine 

Model: YL-1600-1

                              Technical Specification
Voltage&FrequencyAC 380V 50HZ
Steam consumption60kg/h
Steam pressure0.4-0.7 Mpa
Maximum roll fabric diameter40cm
Maximum working width2100mm
Working speedAdjustable,0-20m/min
Drying temperatureAdjustable,≤200 ℃
Drain vapor motor power0.8kw
Sway folding motor power0.37kw
Belt working motor power0.37kw
Feeding fabric motor power0.37kw
Drying heating power4kw
Total  Power6kw
Boundary dimension2415*2610*1700mm


  • Steam humidification and heating    

  • Electric heating drying     

  • Fabric inspection 、Measurement、folding fabric    


  • Fully sealed unique design steam cover: no leakage of steam, reduce the  steam consumption 

    (save about 40% steam consumption than other type product), ensure no water dripping    

  • The steam cover is made of two layers of stainless steel,good heat preservation and thermal insulation effect    

  • Electronic eye monitoring releasing fabric , make sure fabric is in the tension-free state    

  • Stepless Frequency Conversion Timing    

  • Equipped with original imported electrical appliances, stable performance,machine is durable     

  • Use high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt

Suitable for

Knit and woven, a variety of general fabric   


Structural Diagram