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Automatic Strip Slitting Machine

product description

Computer Control Automatic Strip Slitting Machine

Model: YL-2100AS


  • 1.The same material can be cut into 9 sets of size, multi-level cutting, different widths and different amounts of cutting can be set freely,  the cutting accuracy is high;

  • 2.Use microcomputer PLC, man-machine interface touch screen, computer program control data input

  • 3.The cutter spindle adopts electronic frequency conversion speed regulation

  • 4.Equipped with a safety alarm, if the spindle chuck is not completely put away, the machine will alarm to ensure safe operation;

  • 5. Equipped with a safety cover that surround the cutter;

  • 6.Equipped with professional dust collector device, it is more convenient to clean;

  • 7.With automatic knife sharpen function during cutting;

  • 8. Use high-quality brand electrical components to ensure stable and durable operation of the machine; use servo drives for more precise cutting

  • 9. Optional: cold air device, oil spray atomization device.


1.Max. working width:2100mm

2.Max fabric diameter:φ350mm

3.Request paper tube internal diameter:φ350mm

4.Min slitting width:  4mm

5.Total power:  4.5Kw

6.Voltage:AC 1Phase 220V/ 50Hz

7.Machine dimension(L*W*H):2820x1210x1340mm

8.Available knife size: φ250Xφ38X2.8—φ350Xφ38X3.0

9.Need connect with air compressor:   0.4-0.8Mpa

Suitable for

Slitting strip of various kinds of fabric, foam, leather, reflective material, paper, plastic and other materials