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  • Single head needle detector YL-630A

  • Single head needle detector YL-630A

Single head needle detector

product description

Single head needle detector 

Model: YL-630A

One layer ten group of independent probe, higher sensitivity, better stability

                                                                                                                                             Technical Specification
ModelVoltagePower Detection menthodsAlarm mode

Detection sensitivity

Sensitivity adjustmentDetect surface width

Conveyor belt


Detect surfae 


Transfer speed
YL-630A1P AC220V-240V/50-60Hz600wMagnetic induction

The electronic buzzer sounds,

the light indicates, and the conveyor belt is reversed

Fe ball   Φ1.0mmLevel 1-10
600mm~57/58 cm120mm




When the metal is detected, the machine will alarm , and the conveyor belt will stop and return back

Suitable for

  • Detect broken needles and ferromagnetic fragments in various types of sewing product

  • Detection of ferromagnetic impurities contained in foods and medicines

  • Detection of iron filings and various alloy fragments in chemical raw materials, rubber products and paper products

  • Detecting iron impurities contained in non-ferrous materials such as copper, aluminum and zinc