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  • Vacuum  ironing table YL-1800F

  • Vacuum  ironing table YL-1800F

Vacuum ironing table

product description

Vacuum  ironing table


Function code diagram

YL-table size-square(F)/sing buck(D)/double(DS)(Downward Exhaust /Upward chimney U)-Electric heater(H)/steam heater(SH)-blowing and vacuum(BV)    

                                                                      Technical Specification
                                                                      Downward Exhaust Model
ModelVoltage&Frequency&Vcuum motor powerVacuum motor powerTable size

1PH AC220V/50Hz 0.8KW

3PH AC380V/50Hz  0.75KW 


1200*780mm 1500*780mm

1800*900mm   Customized is available


  • Standard configuration: Strong vacuum    

  • Option: Low noise type(Vacuum motor pwer&speed:0.55kw,1400r/min)    

  • Option: Electric heating(Temperature adjustable) 、Steam heating (Energy saving)、Blowing and vacuum function(Best for suit)