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Trousers Finisher with Topper Press (inbuilt with steam generator)

product description

Trousers Finisher with Topper Press (inbuilt with steam generator)


                                                                                                                                                              Technical Specification
ModelVoltageBlowing motor powerTotal powerCompressed Air ConsumptionCompressed Air PressureSteam ConsumptionSteam pressureDimension(L*W*H)
YL-TKJ-128B3PH AC380V 50Hz  1.5Kw10.5Kw20Kg/h0.5Mpa15Kg/h0.3-0.7Mpa132*102*208cm


  • PLC program and touch screen display control system    

  • Inbuilt with steam generator    

  • Capacity counting function    

  • Powerful hot air blowing function(Blowing time can be adjustment) 、 Automatic steam spraying function (Spraying steam time can be adjustment)    

  • Front waistband fly fixing device, Trousers waist  side clamping device(width adjustable and movable type、tension adjustment device), Trousers legs pull-down clamping device(height adjustable and movable type、with tension adjustment device)    

Trousers Finisher with Topper Press (inbuilt with steam generator)


Inbuilt with steam furnace, short steam pipe , to keep steam temperature and dry,avoiding because the steam temperature reduction and great moisture in steam , reducing the ironing effect.    

With steam generator furnace temperature, produce hot air first into the pants for heating then spray steam to iron, not only save the heating process required power, but also to avoid in the process of steaming steam,steam meet cold air to produce water into the pants, moldy after package

Hands-free automatic clamping system ironing trousers, save time and labor 

Working principle    

Pneumatic automatic clamping device to fix the trousers leg and waist in the suitable position;use hot air and steam to automatic blowing and ironing ,no ironing blind area,ensure ironing efficiency .    

Suitable for     

Jeans and casual trousers,suitable for short or long trousers and babies trousers)